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    Architecture made of Ligno®

    Our contribution to architecture

    We accompany planners and contractors in the realisation of buildings for living, working and learning. We are pleased to present some of the many thousands of references from our customers here.


    Using the filter, you can search by surface, building type or performance features. Or you can discover the variety via the post code search or the overview map.

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    • Nordbad Darmstadt

      The Nordbad swimming pool in Darmstadt serves as a sports facility with different water surfaces for recreation, but also...

      64283 Darmstadt

    • Buggi 52

      It is a building that is unparalleled in this country so far: "Buggi 52", the first FSC-certified wooden building...

      79144 Freiburg im Breisgau

    • Single-family house Hohlen in Dornbirn

      The ground floor of the single-family house for a family of five, which is pushed into ...

      05572 AT-Dornbirn

    • Appartment building in Nürtingen

      Create living space, not only for themselves, but also for a few more families...

      72622 Nürtingen

    • Single-family house in the district of Hof

      With real wood panels LIGNO Akustik home, the sound quality in your own four walls ...

      Landkreis Hof

    • Office building Fohhn Audio AG

      Noisy disturbances are part of everyday office life. With the LIGNO® Acoustic light...

      72622 Nürtingen

    • Single-family house Laufenburg 

      Acoustic expansion in your own home with real wood panels LIGNO Akustik home ...

      79725 Laufenburg 

    • Office building with cultural hall

      Pioneering timber construction for Black Forest "electricity rebels"...

      79677 Schönau

      • LIGNO Uni Wandelemente mit Sichtoberfläche mit durchgehenden Lamellen | _WTD
    • ASI Reisen Alpinschule Innsbruck

      The Swedish-Tyrolean architects Snøhetta designed the new company headquarters for the tour operator ASI ... 

      6020 AT-Innsbruck

    • Day nursery "In der Mühle"

      In one and a half years of construction time, the new day care centre "In der Mühle", crèche and...

      79730 Murg

      • Brettsperrholz-Lösung in Weisstanne lebhaft im Kindergarten in Murg
    • Office extension K&D

      In the two-storey extension for the office of the Kommunikation & Design agency, the Focus Open 2020 gold award-winning...

      79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

    • Office building Bombardi

      Bombardi Tiefbau GmbH in Titisee-Neustadt decided to furnish its new office building with...

      79822 Titisee-Neustadt

    • Sports hall Marktoberdorf

      The triple sports hall of the Marktoberdorf grammar school, built in 1982, was modernised and extended with a focus on...

      87616 Marktoberdorf

    • Bärau market hall

      In March 2020, the Lebensart Foundation opened the new market hall in Bärau. The parallel roof consists of Lignotrend Q3 elements...

      3552 CH-Bärau

    • Sports hall and indoor swimming pool at the cantonal school

      The sports hall and indoor swimming pool at the cantonal school in Olten was renovated with...

      4600 CH-Olten

    • Day nursery Langenau

      The two-group day nursery in the Langenau district of Schopfheim was built predominantly with the local building material wood....

      79650  Schopfheim 

    • HFGS Aarau

      For the complete renovation of the HFGS in Aarau, real wood panels Akustik Sport in oak were used in a particularly creative way...

      5000 CH-Aarau 

    • City hall Cham

      The new building consists of three volumes that accommodate different functions...

      93497 Cham

    • Alnatura world of work

      Anyone entering the atrium of the administration building almost feels as if they are in the open air...

      64295 Darmstadt 

    • Riedlepark children's house

      The eight-group children's house in Riedlepark Friedrichshafen by Lanz - Schwager Architekten from Constance offers around 1,500...

      88045  Friedrichshafen 

    • Joinery Forcher 

      The Forcher joinery produces furniture of the highest quality with a love of detail. As the family business is constantly...

      9900 AT-Lienz 

    • Kindergarden Wiggensbach

      In the Bavarian town of Wiggensbach, the construction of a new 5-group crèche building covers the urgent...

      87487 Wiggensbach 

    • Day nursery "Wunderfitz"

      Especially in the case of municipal "compulsory projects" such as educational institutions, the call for...

      79801 Hohentengen a. H.

    • Raising the roof of an apartment building

      In Rheinfelden near Basel, the gable roof of a townhouse was replaced by a mansard roof....

      4310 CH-Rheinfelden

    • Codecentric

      Optimal acoustic properties are not the only plus of the additive panels Acoustic...

      42697 Solingen 

    • Lycée Vauban 

      Reception and teaching areas, library, gymnasium and sports hall, refectory, day care centre and village hall: the campus...

      1484 LUX-Luxembourg 

    • Apartment building in the Riedpark

      Wood stands the test: fire protection, sound insulation, earthquake resistance - modern wooden buildings have...

      79787 Lauchringen

    • Oberostendorf Town Hall

      The cramped situation in the old municipal office led to the decision to locate...

      87561 Oberstendorf

    • Single-family house made of LIGNO in Kronach

      A new building made of Ligno forms the centrepiece of a small residential ensemble that is currently ...

      96317 Kronach

    • Cinéma Arcadia

      A former monastery in Riom has been converted and rededicated as "Les Jardins de la Culture"....

      63200 FR-Riom

    • Restoration Predikherenklooster

      The baroque Predikherenklooster Mechelen, built in 1650, has an eventful history...

      2800 BE-Mechelen

    • House at the Buddenturm

      The new building in the old town of Münster corresponds in scale and roof shape with its historical neighbours...

      48143 Münster

    • Roof conversion in Stuttgart

      With the two-storey extension of a house that stands in the second row on Stuttgart's Olgastrasse, g2o Architekten...

      70182 Stuttgart

    • Photo printing for UWS Service GmbH

      The slim new administrative building of the UWS impresses with geometric clarity...

      89073 Ulm 

    • Apartment house in Hofmatt

      Wood holds its own: fire protection, sound insulation, earthquake resistance - modern wooden buildings made of Ligno...

      4417 CH-Ziefen

    • Student Hotel 
      Swimming Pool 

      A unique 50-metre sports pool with two lanes has been built in the basement of The Student Hotel....

      1091 NL-Amsterdam 

    • Kantine Nuvola Lavazza

      Meal time is quality time - who knows that better than the Italians? In the new company canteen of the tradition-rich...

      10152 IT-Turin 

    • Highest timber construction in South Baden 

      Special solutions for multi-storey construction with wood allow the building material to be used...

      79539  Lörrach

    • Renovation of the indoor swimming pool WASSER:WERK

      Wood moves. This is what architect Michael Duffner learned during the expansion and renovation of the...

      79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

    • Catholic Primary School in Sydney

      Lignotrend goes overseas! The building from the 1970s, which was converted into a primary school,...

      2060 AU-Sydney 

    • Holiday home on Lake Constance

      In Hard (A) on Lake Constance - in the middle of the old Rhine floodplain landscape - lies the area "In der Schanz"...

      6971 AT-Hard 

    • Golf Lodge Schloss Auel

      Attractive ambience, high quality of rest and a pleasant room climate - this feel-good canon makes modern hotels...

      53797 Lohmar 

    • Umbrüggler Alm 

      The excursion restaurant, which has won several architecture awards and a climate protection prize, stands in the midst of grandiose...

      6020 AT-Innsbruck 

    • Heilbronn Education Campus

      To deal with a building task and with the opportunities and conditions of the location...

      74081 Heilbronn 

    • Petrus Parish in Wiesloch

      Community hall and inner courtyard of the same size form the centre of the new community centre...

      69168 Wiesloch

    • Guild Hall "Sagihuus"

      The "Sagihuus" replaces an old sawmill in a prominent location and houses flats suitable for the elderly...

      8105 CH-Regensdorf

    • Restaurant at Holzhäusern Golf Park

      Fine dining and celebrating in style in a unique atmosphere: In the restaurant of the Golfpark...

      6343 CH-Holzhäusern  

    • Production hall of 
      Lamello AG 

      The products that the Lamello company manufactures stand for quality, innovation and...

      4416 CH-Bubendorf 

    • Holiday home on Lake Neukloster

      Four walls, large windows, a roof and lots of light wood: architecture can be so simple and just...

      23992 Nakenstorf

    • Indoor swimming pool
      „De IJsselslag“ 

      Due to poor acoustics, noise is quickly generated in indoor swimming pools, which can...

      7204 NL-Zutphen

    • Open space office Serviceplan

      Efficient communication solutions are the challenge that the agency serviceplan solutions...

      80333 München 

    • Community centre Arlinger

      In the Arlinger district of Pforzheim, the local building cooperative has built a...

      75179 Pforzheim

    • Panorama Spa in the indoor pool

      In the newly created bathing hall at the Bio-Seehotel Zeulenroda, the architects of the...

      07937 Zeulenroda 

    • Shopware AG office building

      As companies grow, they often need to quickly meet their increasing demand for office space...

      48624 Schöppingen 

    • Klimaholzhaus:
      Cube Alpnach

      When Waser Holzbau AG was awarded the building contract, there was still a wooden house from the 1970s...

      6055 CH-Alpnach

    • Mosaik - Workshops for the disabled 

      In addition to a public forecourt, the shingle-clad workshop building has a...

      10999 Berlin 

    • Mensa "Halle aux farines" in Paris

      The industrial building once served to store flour from the Grands Moulins de Paris. At the beginning of the...

      75013 FR-Paris 

    • Three-field sports hall 

      A certain level of loudness in the sports environment underlines the special atmosphere of...

      01157 Dresden 

    • Bistro No. 10 at the Bostalsee Golf Park

      In restaurants and clubs, sound is the measure of a pleasant atmosphere. With the visually...

      66625 Nohfelden 

    • New Town Hall 

      The architecturally very appealing, modern new building was connected with a glass connecting corridor to...

      72138 Kirchentellinsfurt

    • New Apostolic Church

      Its sculptural architecture makes the building the focal point of community life....

      74545 Michelfeld

    • Office building and café in Mannheim

      The "gap filler" by motorlab presents itself in a contemporary yet typical way....

      68167 Mannheim 

    • Restaurant of World Trade Organization

      The extension of the WTO headquarters is located on the shores of Lake Geneva with a view of...

      1202 CH-Genf 

    • Multipurpose hall in Kressbronn

      Municipalities are required to build sustainably. As a renewable raw material, wood offers...

       88079 Kressbronn

    • Headquarters Drees & Sommer AG  

      In the newly designed company headquarters, the so-called "Marketplace", a central...

      70569 Stuttgart 

    • Kindergarten in Bellmund

      Where children spend most of their day, a good quality of quiet in the rooms is particularly important. At the...

      2564 CH-Bellmund 

    • Refuge du Goûter 

      Probably the highest building with Lignotrend elements is the four-storey, energy self-sufficient Refuge du Goûter...

      74170 FR-Saint-Gervais-les-Bains 

    • Largest school in France

      No one misses the new school complex at the centre of the revitalised Pasteur district of Limeil-Brévannes...

      94450 FR-Limeil-Brévannes 

    • Three-field sports hall in Eisingen

      Bridge large spans, improve acoustics, minimise injuries and still look beautiful....

      75239 Eisingen 

    • Village shop "Hoch zwei

      "Hoch Zwei" is integrated into the new building of the Stetten community centre as a village shop with bistro...

      8234 CH-Stetten

    • New Fair Hall Hamburg 

      No fear of big challenges: The roof areas of the Hamburg exhibition halls were made with Lignotrend...

      20357 Hamburg

    • Gradonna Mountain Resort

      At Gradonna Mountain Resort, the reinforced concrete construction of the public areas...

      9981 AT-Kals am Grossglockner 

    • Speech therapy school at the Kieferwäldchen

      The new speech therapy school in Griesheim, Hesse, is located in a wooded area with an old...

      64347 Griesheim 

    • Nature Experience Hotel "Höchsten

      The Höchsten mountain inn has been attracting visitors to the Wuerttemberg lookout mountain for decades....

      88636 Illmensee 

    • Primary school with sports hall in Tarforst 

      The new primary school with multi-purpose sports hall in Trier-Tarforst emerged from a...

      54296 Trier 

    • Canteen at the Kirschgarten Grammar School

      The new Kirschgarten refectory had to be built - because it adjoins a listed building...

      4051 CH-Basel 

    • Passive house on Lake Constance

      Redensification of the unobtrusive kind: a compact two-storey building for a young family lies hidden under the...

      88085 Langenargen 

    • Headquarters of the FNEL

      The FNEL, Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Luxembourg (Federation of Luxembourg Scouts),....

      2630 L-Luxemburg

    • Princess-Elisabeth – Station 

      The Belgian polar research station is the first energy self-sufficient zero-emission...


    • Production hall in Murg

      The client of this first commercial project executed with LIGNO® Acoustics is a specialist .....

      79730 Murg 

    • The new Friedrichshafen trade fair

      In May 2000, the foundation stone was laid for Friedrichshafen's largest construction project: the ...

      88046 Friedrichshafen 


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    Architecture made of Ligno®

    Our contribution to architecture

    We accompany planners and contractors in the realisation of buildings for living, working and learning. We are pleased to present some of the many thousands of references from our customers here.


    Using the filter, you can search by surface, building type or performance features. Or you can discover the variety via the post code search or the overview map.

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