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LIGNO® cross-laminated timber for load-bearing timber constructions

Individually configurable and constructed with efficient use of materials

The structure of all load-bearing LIGNO® solid timber elements follows the cross-laminated timber principle in order to attain the highest possible dimensional stability. So that the valuable timber is used as efficiently as possible as a wall, ceiling or in the roof support structure, and because a fully solid structure doesn't produce a significant gain in static performance, the cross-section in the interior of the LIGNO® cross-laminated timber web and box elements is dissolved into bars. 

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High-performance timber construction system solutions

Elements for the complete construction

Large-format ceiling plates

Ceiling and roof elements are produced in individual lengths of up to 18 m. The basic modules are 625 mm wide; as large-format elements they are available in widths of up to 2500 mm with heights of up to 450 mm depending on the statics.

Interior structure

LIGNO® web elements usually have three bars in the interior, whose variable height is determined by the static design. They dissipate the bending stresses.

Tragendes Brettsperrholz-Element für Decken mit schon im Rohbau fertiger Untersicht | Akustikprofil

Finished cover plate

The element cross-section is closed off on the underside by a configurable cover plate. This exhibits the finished soffit, which can take the form of an acoustic surface, for example.

Patented: Web elements

The bars in the web elements finish at the top with a widening of the bars. The channels created between them are open in order to be able to accept pipes and cables as well as sound insulation fillings.

Montage LIGNO Uni Wandbauteil im Rohbau

Flexible wall plates

Wall elements are offered as closed modules with a width of 625 mm, which can be preassembled in the timber construction company to make complete walls. If necessary, a delivery of prefabricated components ex works is possible on enquiry.

Box elements for roof constructions

The box or block elements differ from the web elements in that they have a closed cover plate on both sides. This is the laminar basis, for example, for the roof structure.

Plate coupling without panelling

LIGNO® glued laminated timber is capable of bearing loads as a static plate alone through coupling to the element level – additional panelling for stiffening is not usually necessary.

Eco-certified components

Ecology, health, function: Thanks to its excellent characteristics, cross-laminated timber from Lignotrend has been certified for many years according to the criteria of natureplus(R), which far exceed the legal requirements.