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planning service

Implementing high-quality timber construction in partnership

Lignotrend is convinced that the timber construction method will continue to establish itself if the focus is consistently placed on quality. As a manufacturer, we therefore offer numerous services related to timber construction made of LIGNO®, which architects, specialist planners and timber construction companies can order from us – for professional support in practice. 

Timber construction quality starts with the planning

The Lignotrend planning services include:

  1.  Structural calculations for timber construction made of LIGNO
  2. Proofs of diaphragm statics
  3.  Clarification of building physics issues
  4.  Elaboration of joinery details
  5.  Installation diagrams for timber construction companies
  6.  Delivery of BIM-capable CAD data
einfache Baustellenmontage | Zuschnittarbeiten an den Deckenelementen bereits im Ligotrend-Werk

Professional implementation of timber construction quality 

The Lignotrend processing services include:

  • Pre-assembly (e.g. for wall components)
  • Joinery: Elaboration of all details on the element
  • Installation of pipes and cables
  • Ready-to-install parts made of acoustic panels