Creative timber construction...

Visible. Audible. Perceptible.


This vision does not only reveal our own standard. It is also meant as an invitation to architects, designers, carpenters and builders: Let us continue increasing the importance of timber construction together!

We are convinced that sustainable wood construction based on the renewable raw material will spread, when there is a focus on quality and if the manifold design options with wood are made clear. As a manufacturer of cross laminated timber products, Lignotrend wants to offer a material and intellectual basis for this intention.

Since it was founded in 1991, our company sees itself as a platform for quality. Quality products were always a matter of course for us. But we do not restrict ourselves to the production of the multi-functional LIGNO® timber elements. We dare to see the bigger picture and always have the function of the entire building component in mind, which is made combining our products with other materials.

So Lignotrend for example solves requirements like sound protection and good acoustics integrated in a configurable  timber building element.  The decisive factor is the close collaboration of all parties involved. Building components and details are defined and consequently developped in a cooperation between designers, Lignotrend consultants and experts from timber building research.

Discover our components' performance on this website - be inspired and become active being engaged for sophisticated timber construction and a culture of sustainable building in timber.